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vPanel(ALC Panel) is an ultra lightweight precast panel made by Vodapruf Pte Ltd using a combination of fibre cement board and Lightherm Aggregates. Ranging from only 35.8kg/m2 to 47kg/m2. It also has very high thermal and sound insulation due to the presence of Lightherm Aggregates.

With the easy installation of vPanel(ALC Panel), it is both labor and cost saving. The finishing of vPanel is of high quality standard and does not require the need for skim coating. vPanel, commonly known as ALC Panel has also acquired certifications such as Certificate of Conformity (COC), non combustibility tests, toxicity test, fire classification, fire rating and robustness test.

All tests are proudly supported by BCA’s Innovation Grant (iGrant).

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Super Light

Ultra Light Density

vPanel is the lightest ALC panel in the entire industry – with a density of only 750kg/m3. Our precast concrete panels minimize labor & transport, maximize productivity, and offer super-high insulation properties.

Save Time & Money

Labor & Cost-Saving

Our vPanel ALC Panel offers fast & easy installation with its lightweight properties. In addition, we apply superior quality finishing to every one of our vPanels and thus does not require the need for any skim coating.

Powerful Insulation


Due to the presence of patented Lightherm lightweight aggregates, our vPanel precast ALC panels have excellent thermal & acoustic insulation properties. vPanel is also treated with comprehensive waterproofing to prevent any cracks or seepage between joints.

Internal or External


vPanel’s high thermal & acoustic insulation makes it great as internal partitions; vPanel can also be used as external wall panels on structures such as modular houses, low-cost buildings, factories, hotels, villas, apartments, and more.

Project References - vPanel - ALC Panels

Observe some of our projects that used our Aerated Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panels (ALC Panels) –  vPanel. See more of our projects with other lightweight construction materials as well.

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Updated May 2018

vNail - Bond Adhesive for vPanel

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Ways of Application

vPanel mainly has two application method for erection of wall as a non-load bearing wall structure. One as an internal wall and the other being external.

ALC Panel

Internal Wall: vPanel is ideally used for internal partition wall due to its ultra lightweight properties, high thermal and sound insulation.

Lighweight Wall Panel, ALC Panel

External Wall: vPanel can also be used as external wall panel for modular houses, low-cost building, factories, hotel, apartment and villas etc.

Preparation (Based on one of the installation method, refer to our video)

This preparation video is based on one of vPanel’s (L-Bracket and Rebar) method for installation.


Other than the three key features of vPanel which are ultra lightweight properties, high thermal insulation and high acoustic insulation, It has other as important characteristics as well. They are high compressive strength, moisture-proof, fire-resistant and heat insulation (thermal efficiency).

vPanel Cut Out New Marking Words

An image detail on the different layers in a vPanel

The key unique selling point (USP):

  • Well-opened groove TOP and bottom
  • Cut-To-Size (No wastage)
  • Waterproof treatment to prevent cracks between joints and seepage
  • Manufactured in Malaysia, thus shorter lead time
  • Ultra lightweight, thus high productivity, less intensive labour
  • Different thickness 50mm-200mm
  • Lightest panel in the industry with a density of only 750kg/m3


vPanel has a wide range of thickness that caters to different specification and technical requirements, from 75mm thick to 200mm thick. The most commonly lightweight precast wall panel used are 75mm thick and 100mm thick. Below is a comparison table between the two most common thickness used in the construction industry. Vodapruf is working towards a new development in 25mm thick, 50mm thick and 250mm thick in the near future with test reports in the midst of developing and finalizing.

Technical Specification vPanel 75mm thick vPanel 100mm thick (Common Demand)
Per m2 weight (kg) 35.8kg 47kg
Thickness (mm) 75mm 100mm


Panel width (mm) 600mm 600mm
Standard Panel Length (mm) 2400mm 2400mm


Sound Transmission STC, ISO 140-3:1995 STC 35 STC 38
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) 0.125 W/mK 0.125 W/mK
Water Penetration (BS 5234 Part 2) No evidence of water penetration No evidence of water penetration
Strength & Robustness (BS 5234 Part 2) Pass Pass
Fire rating (BS 476, Part 22:1987) 3 Hours 4 Hours

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