Structural Application
Lightherm Sceed is used as a lightweight topping screed to adjust floor level. In some projects, there might be concerns with the usage of conventional cement sand screed, due to its high density of 2100kg/m3. Lightherm Screed is an ideal lightweight alternative in replacement of conventional ones. Incorporation of Lightherm Screed into strutural application to reduce weight of the final outcome or condition. Lightherm provides a range of density that caters to different required strength for projects, such as: 1000kg/m3 achieving 7N/mm2, 1200kg/m3 achieving 10N/mm2, 1400kg/m3 achieving 14N/mm2, 1900kg/m3 achieving 30N/mm2.

Based on a density of 1900kg/m3, do refer to our mix table design for specific design mix.

Cantilever Roof for Temple Project in Singapore

Lightweight concrete is pre-batched in the ready mix plant before sending down to site.

Density of 1900kg/m3 while achieving Grade 40

Process footage