Drywall Infill
Lightherm is used as an infill material for drywll system. Drywall installation is 35% faster than masonry work. Higher productivity saves construction time and labour cost. Dry wall infilled with Lightherm Screed (thickness 87mm) increases room space as percompared to masonry wall (100mm). Its thermal insulation and sound insulation properties provides a comfortable environment. Drywall infilled with Lightherm Screed provides solidness and eliminates hollowness, in projects such as architecture buildings and interior designed houses.

Based on a density of 800kg/m3, do refer to our mix table design for specific design mix.

An interior project in Singapore

Technical Detail on the drywall infill with Lightherm Screed

Installation of GI Frame

Installation of cement board

Infill of Lightherm Screed, lightweight cement sand screed, into the hollow section.