Acoustic Insulation
Lightherm Sceed is used as a lightweight topping screed to adjust floor level. In some projects, there might be concerns with the usage of conventional cement sand screed, due to its high density of 2100kg/m3. Lightherm Screed is an ideal lightweight alternative in replacement of conventional ones. One of the key features of Lightherm Screed lies in its acoustic capability.

Based on a density of 250kg/m3, do contact us for special application.

Wangz Hotel @ 231 Outram Road, Singapore

The impact sound of the open bar in the attic level causes disturbance to hotel guest rooms below. Lightherm Screed was brought in as a solution in topping up of the floor in the open bar area due to its lightweight properties, as well as utilizing its ability in acoustic insulation.

Lightherm Screed is applied to reduce impact sound transmission. Great STC value in commercial projects.